The chains

The chains of the boats are very important tool for all the boats, since that is where the anchor will be placed. In this way you can hold the anchor when placed at the bottom of the sea, which gives stability to the boat. For this reason it is important to choose the chain that adapts to the needs of the boat, in this way the anchor will remain firm and safe at the moment of throwing it to the bottom of the sea.

Where to find them

For boat owners who are looking for boat chains, they can visit the easy sailing web portal. A wide variety of drums can be found for boats, mooring ropes can also be found to hold the boat to the dock.

This website specializes in selling nautical products, all the products they sell are products of the highest quality, in addition they belong to the most recognized brands in the nautical market.

Boat Chain Features

Chains for boat can be found from 10 to 25 or more meters, this will depend on the specifications of each boat. Galvanized chains generally have a 14mm calibration, and the measures of their links are 42x 46mm. They are chains that are made with the best raw material.

It is important to recognize that before the chains are released for sale, they are exposed by different quality controls. In this way they guarantee a safe product, in addition to being galvanized they have better resistance with the marine environment, reason why its durability is of several years.

From shipments are made within 7 business days, especially after ordering. Barcos.Online has its headquarters in Barcelona and makes shipments to all parts of Europe. In case the product does not meet the needs of the customers can make the return without any cost.

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